Saturday, May 9, 2009

Episode Twelve: Jeff Koeze

In this episode, you'll meet Jeff Koeze. Recently profiled in Inc. magazine (you can read the article here), Jeff is CEO of Koeze Co., a direct-order candy and nut company. You'll hear how Jeff juggles running his business, responding to crises (thing: peanut recall), and staying on top of his world using GTD. Download the podcast here.

Interested in Jeff's favorite binders? They're made by Bindertek.


Brian said...

That was a fantastic call. I found the part about the binders most informative. It is nice to hear from someone who has a very different take on GTD>

Layla said...

Great interview!! :)

I have some of those binders (at least similar) and I really loved them (especially the more colorful ones!) I re-filed most of my stuff the 'official' David Allen way recently and found I had stuff in 3 different binders etc. (So there was trouble with accessing/finding stuff)
I'm still keeping some stuff that basically relates to just one or two projects in a binder. Having multiple projects in a binder is a bit tricky though, I think! (It 'disappeared' for me, lol!)
It's really interesting to see how differently our minds work! And to see what could be duplicated, or not.. I'll probably keep some of the binders now! :)

apinaud said...

Thanks for your comments Layla.

Sometimes we instead of follow what works we think how will work better, in my experience thats when I get into trouble.

I am glad the Binders works with you.

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