Friday, September 26, 2008

Episode Five: Buzz Bruggeman

In this episode, meet Buzz Bruggeman, one of the geniuses behind Active Words. Even if you haven't tried this amazing piece of software, you're in for a treat. Buzz is a dynamic and enthusiastic proponent of Getting Things Done, responsive customer service, and innovation.

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The Wave said...

I liked this episode the least so far. The basic format of this blog/podcast is to ask experts how they have personally implemented the GTD system. Great idea!
However, episode is low on GTD content and high on sales pitch.
Tara & Augusto, please get back to your original great idea.

Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Hi Wave,

thanks for your comment. We try to stick to our questions agenda as much as we can. :)

best wishes,

Swifty said...

There were four applications that Buzz said he used as his productivity system. I couldn't make out one of them and am very curious. Can somebody list these out? Thanks!

Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Hi Swifty,
I don't have the list in my notes. We're tracking them down--more soon!

apinaud said...

Dear Wave,

Thanks for your comments, I think you will find our next @Context mire on those lines...


apinaud said...

Dear Swifty,

Buzz uses the following:

Also he is using now

and he is testing and starting to use (in private beta)

I hope this answer your questions.

Thanks for the Comment.


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